Latest: Time really is money

04 January 2012 | comments

I’ve frequently wanted to figure out if the time I spent filling out a form to receive a reimbursement was really worth the money. Companies offer all kinds of reimbursements, I wanted to see if the money I get back was really worth the time I spent going their hoops. Obviously, this can be solved with a little math. Since everyone hates doing that, I created a little formula since you’re too lazy to do... Read the Rest »

Earlier: Stupid-easy Administrator access on Windows 7

08 Mar 2011 | comments

We have frequently been running in to this error on Windows 7: “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.” The error appears during login after you type in your username and password and hit enter. Our solution in the past was to reload the machine from our standard image for a few reasons: There is no way to login once this has happened. The default Administrator user is disabled by default... Read the Rest »